The Airship Evelyn

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The Airship Evelyn
July 2002 :: Click Image to View
Hand Reaching
Diesel Locomotive
About The Airship Evelyn
The Airship Evelyn depicts a steam powered cargo airship, the Evelyn, fleeing a pursuing pirate warship, the Silkworm. I've long been fascinated by airships and steam engines. Though steam power is actually a poor propulsion technology for real-world airships, I couldn't resist working up a scene that marries these two interests of mine.

The Airship Evelyn was rendered in TrueSpace, with additional elements added in Photoshop. The background islands were created using a unique TrueSpace plugin that created a rocky, 3D texture using a procedural algorithm. I have yet to find a better way to achieve this rugged, rocky look.