Diesel Locomotive

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Diesel Locomotive
November 2008 :: Click Image to View
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About Diesel Locomotive
Diesel Locomotive was created for 3D World Magazine, a magazine catering to the interests of 3D computer graphics artists. I was commissioned to develop a step-by-step tutorial for the design of diesel locomotive very similar to one I had previously created for a client. The attached images show a finished render of the locomotive, along with several intermediary images of the model coming together inside TrueSpace.

Diesel Locomotive Diesel Locomotive

Though the 3D World tutorial that this was developed for emphasized modelling, I also spent a great deal of time working on texture maps for this image. This was because the article I was writing was intended to be a two page spread, as well as one of four featured tutorials in that particular issue of the magazine. My editor wanted a good high resolution image to accompany the article. I worked hard to sell the model with a realistic rusty and "used" look.