Merry Christmas

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Merry Christmas
December 2002 :: Click Image to View
Diesel Locomotive
About Merry Christmas
Merry Christmas was a Christmas gift to my parents in 2002, the centerpiece of a book I put together for them featuring a variety of my computer artwork. This was something my mom, especially, had been interested in having for awhile. Putting the book together brought back memories of hastily homemade presents I had whipped together as a kid, but I actually put a lot of time and effort into this particular gift. Merry Christmas was also featured as special mention in the December 2002 Caligari (makers of TrueSpace) render contest. This image and two from other artists were featured together in a "season's greetings" section of the website.

For Merry Christmas I wanted to design an outdoor scene evoking the feeling of soft snow falling heavily on Christmas day. Developing the outdoor space was simple, but the "hero" tree required a lot of attention. It is developed out of a basic branch shape that is repeated and deformed many times around the trunk of the tree. In retrospect, I would have liked to do more work on the branch deformations to give the tree a slightly more natural feel; in this version it still feels a bit stiff to me. Decorations and garlands mask this stiffness, and a snow effect applied in Photoshop further softens the scene. The background trees are deformed copies of the hero tree, and the distant treeline is a pre-rendered cutout (this saved on render time) of the same, greyed out to simulate greater distance.