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November 2002 :: Click Image to View
Merry Christmas
About Drydock
Drydock is a space scene. Space and science fiction are things that I am fascinated by but try to avoid emphasizing too much in my work, lest I become repetitive. In the case of DryDock I had developed a computer model of a space battleship, but wanted to show it through a slightly different framing than simply floating against a star field. I rendered the ship in close-up, and placed construction workers in spacesuits around the scene to create the look of a starship under repair. This satisfied me as a more unique way to show the model, though the tight angle prevents the viewer from getting an overall sense of what the ship really looks like.

Drydock is one of my earlier renders, and I think there is more that I could do with the scene. In particular, I think the battleship should have more detail, especially in the hull texture (the battleship model was designed for medium and long-range views, but is unfairly shown in a close-up here). This render was also an attempt to work with human figures that I had developed from scratch and articulated with bones. These figures worked well for distant figures, but were harder to make work for close ups. Overall, however, I like the idea and general look of Drydock, which is why I have included it in this portfolio. Foreground blurring and lens flare effects were accomplished with post-processing in Photoshop.