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December 2003 :: Click Image to View
Tormented Prisoner
About Fastback
Fastback reveals another fascination of mine: cars. I have several pieces themed around cars, including my favorite type of car, Panther platform Crown Victorias. Fastback depicts a 70's era muscle car (another auto genre that I like) of my own somewhat fantastical design. I still like many elements of the model, but would probably streamline and simplify it if I were to revisit it. The many vents on the side are a bit excessive for my current tastes!

Fastback Fastback

Modelling a car in 3D from scratch is a challenging undertaking, and I developed this particular model at a time when my 3D skills were not as developed as they are now. There are many tools that I could have used to save myself time and effort. One thing that made this model especially challenging was that I approached the work more like an art or sculpting project than an engineering one; the modelling task would have been conceptually simpler had I thought more about the kind of engineering that goes into the design of an automobile like this one. For example, sketching the car in its entirety before beginning the modelling process, and designing body panels individually according to a plan rather than ad hoc according to artistic whim would have saved me a lot of trouble (and probably toned down the excess vents)! Lesson learned.