Tormented Prisoner

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Tormented Prisoner
January 2002 :: Click Image to View
About Tormented Prisoner
Tormented Prisoner is a visual joke, similar to the one drawn in my sketch Cereal Torment. I was interested in developing a prison scene, and particularly in lighting it with a dusty afternoon sun effect like might be found in some grim little village south of the border. I included a few small jokes in the image (though, ironically, no prisoner). These include the book on the bed, The Count of Monte Cristo, which tells a story of revenge and involves a prison escape (this image was developed prior to the recent movie), as well as the poster outside the window, The Great Escape. "Torment" in this piece comes from the reminders of escape and freedom scattered around the scene.

I like the lighting in Tormented prisoner, which was deceptively difficult to achieve. The scene itself, with just one window to source the light, was rather dark at first. I cast an additional light through a hidden cell door (just below camera) in order to provide some fill, balance the scene, and allow the viewer to see some details of the bed and bookshelf. The cell walls and floor are strong points as well. I photographed a number of interesting textures and used them in combination to create the cracked and ruined concrete. The underlying brick was another photographed texture, applied to a separate model wall that is visible only in areas where the geometry of the outer concrete wall has been removed through Boolean subtraction.