Sea Mines

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Sea Mines
January 2009 :: Click Image to View
Laser Beam
About Sea Mines
Sea Mines was developed for issue 112 of 3D World magazine. In this issue, I was asked to develop a Q and A piece about underwater lighting techniques. Lighting is one of my favorite tasks when working in 3D. Great lighting can turn an ordinary scene into something extraordinary, and mask many modelling imperfections. Poor light, of course, can have just the opposite effect. I love lighting for the way it brings a scene together and for its closeness to the physical act of lighting a film set or photo shoot. Positioning lights in 3D space is almost as satisfying as positioning real lights on actors and scenery, but far more flexible and far easier!

Sea Mines Sea Mines

In Sea Mines, carefully placed omni-directional lights are used to highlight the scene geometry. A single flood light projects a water texture onto the entire scene, creating a rippling or reflective feel, as if moonlight is being filtered through ocean waves. I also used depth of field and fog effects to simulate the density of water, as well as reflective surfaces on the mines to enhance the feeling of wetness.