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June 2002 :: Click Image to View
Sea Mines
About Shipwreck
Strictly speaking, the shipwreck in this image should have neither intact masts nor fluttering remnants of sail, but I liked the visual impression that both created. The damaged ribs of this sailing ship don't really sell the effect on their own. In fact, this image is the result of a particular challenge I set for myself - and failed at. Originally, I had hoped to develop a more traditional nautical scene, but I ran into a lot of trouble modelling the complex hull form of the ship (this was before I learned NURBs modelling techniques). I tried a variety of techniques before admitting that my 3D skills weren't yet up to the task. I sank my dreams of a seascape (literally) and rendered the empty skeleton of the ship at the bottom of the sea, adding in divers and their vibrant lanterns for good measure.

This image was rendered in TrueSpace using several passes, one for the geometry and lighting, and another for the volumetric atmospheric effects that give the scene a sense of depth. Glowing lanterns and the bubbles were added later in Photoshop.