My Crown Victoria

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My Crown Victoria
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About My Crown Victoria
My Crown Victoria is a render of my first car, a 1993 Ford Crown Victoria (see image below, and apologies for the quality). Despite its reputation as a car for old men, taxi drivers, and cops, I truly loved this vehicle. It was my faithful companion through two years of fairly intense Los Angeles driving. Mechanical problems (a blown head gasket and multiple bouts with the transmission) forced it out of my life shorty after I moved from Los Angeles to New York, but this image captures its memory. The "mighty" Crown Victoria lives on in her replacements: my 2001 (and now 2004, again, see below) Mercury Grand Marquis. For those not in the know, the Crown Victoria and the Grand Marquis are essentially the same car. They are mates with the Lincoln Town Car on the Panther Platform, one of the last old school V8, RWD, sedan platforms in the US. My Crown Victoria is an homage to my love of these vehicles. I was particularly pleased when it won first place in Caligari's monthly 3D artwork contest in August, 2002.

My Crown Victoria My Crown Victoria

My Crown Victoria is a 3D render created in TrueSpace, with very minor color correction handled in Photoshop. Getting this image right required multiple visits to the front end of my car, and I'm sure my neighbors assumed I was having trouble with the tires or brakes. This is one of my earlier renders, so my technique was not as efficient as it could have been. The tires are composed of real geometry, not texture maps, which made for slow render times. I like the artistry of the close up shot, capturing the point where the "rubber hits the road" so to speak, but render times were definitely part of making the framing as tight as it is. At the time I designed this, I couldn't imagine rendering the car in its entirety, especially not on the computer I was using at the time!