Heavy Tank

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Heavy Tank
January 2006 :: Click Image to View
World War II
About Heavy Tank
This unique war machine was designed in the spirit of some of the zanier weapons of World War I and II, but with a modern and more realistic temperament. It would be a slow, heavy, and vulnerable beast, but one capable of a fair amount of destruction. An appreciator of my work once commented that the exposed exhaust pipes would radiate heat and invite attack from the air, and this is almost certainly true. Despite its daunting appearance, this vehicle is undoubtedly a death trap - but a pretty cool looking one....

The tread bogies are recycled from my locomotive model, as are some of the forward undercarriage details. I also recycled turret details (particularly the hatch covers) and some of the upper ventilation details from prior projects. This tank was a quick moment of fun for me, and not a serious endeavor, so I had no problem pulling in earlier work and re-purposing it as needed.