World War II

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World War II
December 2001 :: Click Image to View
Heavy Tank
About World War II
World War II went through more revisions than virtually all of my other work. This is partially a result of the subject matter, which made me particularly anxious about the imagery, but also for technical reasons. Lighting and framing this image was difficult because I wanted to achieve a natural look despite the use of some lower resolution models and details. The final image depicted here places two soldiers in the foreground, attacking a platoon that is largely hidden in the wreckage below them.

The foreground soldiers are German, starkly lit and deeply shadowed to emphasize their looming menace. Though I finished this image in 2001, I remain conflicted about this artistic choice. On one hand, showing a battlefield from the enemy perspective can be both visually interesting and intellectually stimulating. On the other, as a proud American whose grandfathers both fought in WWII, I can't help but find this viewpoint more than slightly alarming. If I were to redesign this image (once more), I would likely shift the point of view to the Allied side to appease my own offended patriotism.

This scene is built around several models that have high polygon counts but relatively low levels of detail - not some of my best modelling work. I spent a long time arranging the scene and lighting it to achieve a natural look even under these adverse circumstances. Ultimately, a great deal of post-processing has been done to give the image a grainier, rougher, and more photographic feel. I like to envision this as a photograph that has been pulled from the rubble after weeks out in the elements.