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July 1999 :: Click Image to View
City Walk
About Sailboat
Sailboat is one of my earliest renders, completed at a time when much about 3D computer graphics was very new to me. I remain proud of this image even though some aspects of it haven't aged very well; it is one of my first attempts to achieve relatively realistic lighting, and the sailboat model actually has a good level of detail. The water, sky, and sunset could use work, however!

The sailboat itself is modeled after a Sunfish sailboat my grandfather owned and kept at camp when I was a kid. I took this sailboat out on the lake several times, but never really mastered it. I tipped over frequently, usually righting the boat myself, but once requiring an "upside down tow" back to the dock. This image's real-world inspiration shipped water and has long since been consigned to the junkyard, but the 3D image still conjures many great memories for me!

Sailboat was rendered in TrueSpace 4, one of my favorite versions of the program. I learned 3D modelling using TrueSpace SE, and new worlds opened up for me when I upgraded to version 4. This image was one of my first explorations of the new software. Some post-processing was added in Photoshop to give the image a softer look.