Rocket Tank

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Rocket Tank
November 2007 :: Click Image to View
My Crown Victoria
Sailing Ship Model
About Rocket Tank
Rocket Tank is my attempt at rendering a highly detailed vehicle in the style of video game concept artwork. I spent most of the time on this model planning the turret system, which probably wouldn't work in real life, but is meant to seem realistic. I frequently get the comment that the rocket drums aren't very well armored and are a liability for this particular vehicle. Having studied my share of military history, I can only agree. In my defense, the tank looks much cooler this way. I have always envisioned it having some sort of shielding system....

Rocket Tank was modeled and rendered in TrueSpace, with minimal augmentation in Photoshop after the fact. Some of the writing on the tank and few rust spots were drawn in, but the rest appears as rendered.