Sailing Ship Model

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Sailing Ship Model
March 2002 :: Click Image to View
Rocket Tank
The Saving Light
About Sailing Ship Model
Sailing Ship Model reflects a theme that has emerged again in later artwork (in particular, my Steam Submarine image). I have always been fascinated by miniatures and dioramas, especially the highly detailed works of art that you commonly find in nautical and military museums. Though not a modeller myself (I might take the hobby up someday, however), I admire the patience and attention to detail that it takes to design and assemble these beautiful objects. Sailing Ship Model captures the spirit of that enterprise.

Sailing Ship Model was rendered in TrueSpace, with limited color correction work in Photoshop. Originally, my goal was to develop a sailing scene, but this image came about early in my experience, when I was unaware of the many tools that would make designing a ship's hull so much easier: NURBS tools, mirror modelling, etc. I actually ran into a lot of trouble with the hull, and that shifted my perspective to one of assembling a model rather than a true nautical scene. This is how I decided to show the hull form with partially completed planking, rather than a full ship. Later, I developed a 3D model of the H.M.S. Victory that used more advanced techniques and had a finished hull. A very satisfying accomplishment after changing my idea to accommodate my more limited technical abilities when developing Sailing Ship Model!