The Saving Light

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The Saving Light
March 2007 :: Click Image to View
Sailing Ship Model
Kitchen Windowsill
About The Saving Light
The Saving Light is cover artwork that I designed for a book (same title) by Tom Prestopnik, my uncle. This children's tale takes place during Christmas and features a mysterious visitor who comes knocking and begins a series of magical adventures. In The Saving Light I was asked to recreate a particular scene from the novel, but I also wanted to capture the feeling of Christmas and color it with an atmosphere of mystery and magic. The cloaked figure was intentionally drawn in the style of other famous fictional wizards, and the lamppost, described by my uncle in the scene depicted, has more than a slight resemblance to C.S. Lewis's The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe.

The Saving Light was modeled in TrueSpace, but a great deal of detail was added in Photoshop. The figure of the mysterious old man was "painted" into the scene in Photoshop, a technique I have used on several other images. In The Saving Light, a mannequin figure was used to establish scale and shadows, and the cloak and beard were drawn over it. Virtually none of this mannequin is visible in the final image except for the nose peeking out from under the hood. The original figure had a staff, but these was removed from the final image at the request of the author. Other drawn elements include the Christmas bow, the glow from the lamp, the falling snow, and the frost in the windowpane.