Steam Submarine

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Steam Submarine
January 2008 :: Click Image to View
Kitchen Windowsill
Cape Cod
About Steam Submarine
Steam Submarine is inspired by Jules Verne's Nautilus, from 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea. Verne's submarine was electric, but I have long been intrigued by steam power, and wanted to try my hand at a novel spinoff on his iconic design. Though the funnels as designed would likely doom my version to Davy Jones' locker in short order, the idea of a steam submarine is not as fantastical as it sounds. The British designed and built several K-Class submarines in 1913 that were steam powered.

Steam Submarine was modeled and rendered in TrueSpace, with minimal retouching in Photoshop. Some of the models are reused from previous artwork: the plant appears in Kitchen Windowsill, and the paint brushes and bottles appear in Sailing Ship Model.