Cape Cod

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Cape Cod
June 2009 :: Click Image to View
Steam Submarine
Hand Reaching
About Cape Cod
Cape Cod was designed for 3D World magazine, a magazine that caters to 3D visual artists. I was contracted by 3D World on several occasions to produce tutorial-style articles for TrueSpace. I particularly like this image, because it captures the sensation of dawn on the coast. My family took several trips to Cape Cod when I was a kid, and this image captures my memories (though, I suspect, not the reality) of those visits.

Cape Cod is the final result of a tutorial to teach realistic outdoor lighting. As such, the geometry is rather simple, since I didn't have much time to spend on modelling. One interesting note: the cottage was originally supposed to have a curved roof that swept over the entrance arch. However, TrueSpace in its later versions has a number of bugs, one of which is model corruption when using NURBS planes (the ideal tool for the kind of roof I had in mind). Given my time constraints on this image, I settled for the less appealing plain roof with an arched dormer over the transom window.