Hand Reaching

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Hand Reaching
February 2002 :: Click Image to View
Cape Cod
The Airship Evelyn
About Hand Reaching
Hand Reaching has the appearance of significance or meaning. In reality, I was tinkering with TrueSpace shortly after moving to Los Angeles, and this little image popped into mind, no hidden messages or thoughtful insights included. I had several 3D models that I had been working on separately, and simply pulled everything together into a coherent whole.

Hand Reaching includes some of my early attempts at organic modeling, in particular my model of a human hand. This was a success, as far as it goes; my hand model appears in several works from this period of my creative life, and was articulated with bones, so it could be posed in various ways. However, the hand model is not very detailed, so it can only be shown in certain lights, from certain angles, or when disguised as a glove. My strength and interest is not really in modelling organics or characters, so my attempts to do so are usually rather limited. I much prefer machinery, vehicles, and locations.