World Without Rain

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World Without Rain
July 2020 :: Click Image to View
World Without Rain: Part 1
About World Without Rain
World Without Rain is a science fiction novel that I have been working on for several years. It follows Doctor Stuart Irving, a physicist born into a post-apocalyptic world where it always rains. Irving sees his greatest invention stolen and repurposed for evil, and finds himself hounded by enemies on all sides. In the course of his adventures, he escapes to a strange world of airships, monsters, and violence. There, he is forced to come to terms with the man he is and the man he needs to become in order to save the people he loves.

World Without Rain is the first book in an intended four-book series: World Without Rain, World Without Honor, World Without Justice, and World Without Faith. The next several pages of this portfolio section showcase the digital art that I created to illustrate the act breaks of the first book in the series.

This image, like the others from this book, was created with Adobe Photoshop.