PPI Makeup Chair

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PPI Makeup Chair
April 2008 :: Click Image to View
Parthenon Structure
H.M.S. Victory
About PPI Makeup Chair
The PPI Makeup Chair is a unique piece of 3D art, developed for a magazine advertisement promoting the Premiere Products booth at the International Make-Up Artist Trade Show (IMATS). The concept for the ad was the tagline, "We're creating amazing things!" Inspired by that slogan, I designed this fantastical building, structured to look like a typical makeup chair. The design was contentious, and the ad ultimately wound up taking a different direction. The client company's marketing team had a split opinion, with half of the team loving the concept and half liking it much less. For my part, I enjoyed designing this very much, and even though it never wound up in production, I still like the visual look of this strange and fantastical structure.

The PPI Makeup Chair was designed in TrueSpace, with only modest augmentation in Photoshop.