H.M.S. Victory

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H.M.S. Victory
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About H.M.S. Victory
Part of my Masters program included a trip to London in early 2006. A key assignment for that experience was to develop a journalistic story to be produced on a class website (incidentally, I was the project lead for that site). Not having much of a journalism background, I geared my story toward history instead of news, and used the assignment as an opportunity to learn more about the famous H.M.S. Victory, Admiral Horatio Nelson, and the Battle of Trafalgar. My trip included a visit aboard this famous vessel, and when I returned to the United States, I developed this low-polygon 3D model for inclusion on the class website and in a follow-up multimedia project on the topic of early 19th century naval warfare.

This model was specifically developed to be low-polygon for use in real-time rendering. Ultimately, the projects in which it appeared used pre-rendered versions of the model, but it was an interesting and challenging task to develop a complex ship model in a low-polygon format. The hull form was especially challenging because of its smooth and complex shape.