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Hair Illustrator
June 2008 :: Click Image to View
Guardians of the Galaxy
About Hair Illustrator
Hair Illustrator is a line of film-makeup products developed by PPI in cooperation with professional make-up artists. As with the Skin Illustrator product line, I have designed label artwork for many products in this line.

Hair Illustrator Hair Illustrator

Like Skin Illustrator, the Hair Illustrator labels present the challenge of designing within a relatively fixed visual formula while ensuring that each product's individual label art is unique and eye-catching. For the Hair Illustrator palettes, which so far are not themed around specific movies, I designed a series of hair combs to incorporate into the product logo. The combs change type and color for each label, as does the color tone of the artwork. Otherwise, this product line intentionally has a more uniform look than the products in the Skin Illustrator line.