Dawn of the Dead

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Dawn of the Dead
September 2003 :: Click Image to View
Rob Benevides Custom
Chronicles of Riddick
About Dawn of the Dead
The Dawn of the Dead label was designed for the make-up department on the 2004 remake of Dawn of the Dead. It has a different visual style than the movie itself because, of course, the movie wasn't even shooting yet when it was designed. This is one of the earliest palettes I designed for PPI.

Skin Illustrator is a line of professional film make-up products developed by award-winning make-up artist Kenny Myers and manufactured by Premiere Products, Inc. It is used by Academy and Emmy award-winning make-up artists throughout the world. In addition to the standard palettes sold to make-up artists, special orders of Skin Illustrator are frequently requested for use on specific films in order to ensure that all artists on the film use the same color palette throughout production.