Order of Battle

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Order of Battle
June 2006 :: Click Image to View
Interview With Troy Ruby
About Order of Battle
Order of Battle was my thesis project for my 2006 M.S. in New Media. It is a prototype of a unit-design interface for a game idea called Order of Battle. The game was conceptualized as a real-time strategy combat game, where players could design their own units and deploy them into battle, balancing their cost, quality, and time to build.

Order of Battle consists of an interface shell developed in Adobe Flash, a set of XML data files (in lieu of a database) to control the page content, and a library of visual assets which can be dynamically loaded and unloaded into the interface. One of the key challenges in this project was to design 3D artwork that could be layered seamlessly in dozens of combinations. I had to carefully design, position, and render my 3D models in order to do this. In a real game these assets would be rendered in real-time as actual 3D geometry, affording many more opportunities for unique combinations and the ability to zoom, pan, and rotate the models. This would also greatly reduce the time required to prep individual 2D art assets.