Interview With Troy Ruby

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Interview With Troy Ruby
April 2006 :: Click Image to View
Order of Battle
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About Interview With Troy Ruby
Interview With Troy Ruby is an example of interactive journalism. My partner on this project (Jina Kim) and I worked together to conduct a journalistic interview and report our story in an interactive format.

My favorite part of this project is the radio dial interface; users can switch between different content screens by pressing the radio knob and cycling through various stations. It took some creativity and technical prowess to make this sound like a real radio being tuned, with different sound and static assets playing at different times in the cycle to simulate the effect, as well as a complex event listener to determine when the dial has reached an actual "station." Even though the radio dial is my favorite part of the interface, it is somewhat problematic. Intuitively, it isn't clear whether the dial should be clicked, pressed, or moved manually in some way by the user. Heavy-handed instructions solved this problem for the most part, but a more elegant solution would have made me happier!