Forgotten Island

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Forgotten Island
September 2012 :: Click Image to View
Happy Match!
About Forgotten Island
Forgotten Island is a citizen science game like Happy Match! However, this game twists the usual paradigm for purposeful games: instead of "gamifying" an otherwise unexciting task, Forgotten Island is a full-blown point and click adventure game which has been "taskified" to include the same sorting activity as Happy Match! In Forgotten Island, players explore a curious island, unravel a mystery, and do battle with insane robots, all while doing real science using the handy-dandy Atomic Classifier! I was the lead designer and writer for Forgotten Island, and I directed a talented group of student artists and programmers at Syracuse University's School of Information Studies in its implementation. I am also the project manager and one of the researchers on the NSF-funded research project of which this game is just a part.

Forgotten Island Forgotten Island

Forgotten Island is part of a broader research effort exploring motivation in citizen science: what motivates people to participate in online science activities, and how can games be used to motivate different kinds of people to participate? Furthermore, what is the impact on data quality when games are used as a vehicle for studying the biological sciences? For more information about this project, check out several published citizen science papers on the research page, or visit the Citizen Sort website.