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Morrisville State College offers over 70 degree programs in a wide variety of subjects. Part of my design strategy as web administrator was to conform the websites for each academic program of study to a uniform look and feel. This helped ensure that each website included a set of key information (core courses, faculty contacts, facility information, etc.). This academic site design was also flexible enough to allow each program to include additional elements, including video, multimedia, photos, and extra content if needed.

At the time I was designing many of these sites, the vaguely defined "Web 2.0" design style was in vogue. This style featured, among other things, colorful iconography and lots of curved color areas. You can see those influences in many of the sites I designed for Morrisville. The visual sensibilities of the web have moved on, and I would probably take a different approach today. However, I still think these are sharp, attractive-looking designs.