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Information Channel
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About Information Channel
The college Information Channel represents another unique and interesting project which I managed during my tenure at Morrisville. The Information Channel presents cancellation notices, news announcements, and computer lab hours across campus. Information is shown as a scrolling system on college televisions, but also appears as text online.

Posting and displaying this information online was an easy part of this project. Making the dynamically managed information available on televisions around campus was more challenging. Ultimately, I developed an Adobe Flash shell which could read dynamically generated XML files and scroll through their contents. The Flash movie was run on a dedicated computer hooked to the college's internal television network. Originally, the Information Channel could only be updated on campus by manually editing a PowerPoint slideshow. Of course, when cancellation information was needed most - during serious inclement weather - it was difficult, and sometimes dangerous, for these individuals to come to school. My new system allowed the Information Channel to be updated from home with just a few mouse clicks. Problem solved!