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Early in my tenure at Morrisville State College I was asked to begin working on a redesign of the college's main website, something I had been interested in doing since I accepted the job as web administrator. This is the design as it looked when I left the college to study for my PhD three years later. It remained in service for another two years after that, and many of the core information architecture and design choices have echoes (sometimes more than just echoes) in the new sites designed by my successors. I loved my time at Morrisville, and I'm extremely proud of the work I did there.

I served as the web administrator for Morrisville State College for more than three years, beginning in June 2006. During my tenure at Morrisville, I was responsible for the design, implementation, and management of the college's entire web environment, which consisted of more than 70 public and internal websites serving students, faculty, staff, and the college community at large. I was also responsible for managing the web design department and its staff.

In the years since I left to study for my PhD, a number of the college websites have necessarily been redesigned, but I am proud to have left a great foundation for my successors to work with. The CMS I developed for the school remains in use, and most websites are still organized along the information architecture principles and standards which I created.